Job Detail (Social Media Curator)
Social Media Curator

Job Requirments

– Reframe content for various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat – Work on digital-first content development with the direction of newsroom Editor’s – Work on Breaking News and News Alerts – Publish content on the website – Work on content SEO – Work on archiving and repurposing old content – Brief the Editorial team about audience reaction – Engage with the audience and direct loyal customers to subscription – Measure social media engagement and reach – Prepare weekly social audit inline with predefined deliverables that are quantifiable using KPIs – Prepare, send and monitor weekly and daily brief newsletters for subscribers – Collaborate with Digital Media Production specialist to create videos, animations, and interactive infographics on weekly published contents – Prepare narrations/scripts for weekly video productions – Brief and alert the marketing department for monetisation opportunities – Work on new digital-first contents by going through strict creative process in collaboration with the Platform’s team – Experiment with VR and AR storytelling

How to apply

Interested applicants can only apply here or by simply emailing their application with relevant documents to

Working locaion

Addis Ababa ,

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