Job Detail (IT Department Manager)
IT Department Manager



Formulate IT policies, standards and procedures for the company. Develop and manage IT infrastructure and systems throughout the company. Consult and support functional units on IT systems, devices and applications so that functional unit’s efficiency will improve by using IT systems effectively. Prepare specifications, evaluates bids for IT related items and inspect purchased IT systems and equipments to insure compliance standards and specifications. Make sure that the company will have robust IT systems security. Develop applications required by functional units train IT department employees and employees in other functions units. Ensures that information system policies, rules, standards and procedures are properly implemented. Overseas the organization’s IT equipment management including the purchase, maintenance, repair replacement and sales of unserviceable and obsolete properties. Ensures that key performance indicators are set in each respective units and measurement of performance is done accordingly. Perform other work-related activities.

How to apply

Interested and qualified applicants who can meet the above requirement shall submit non returnable CV and a copy of credentials with application letter to the following address: Hidasie Telecom Share Company፡ In front of Ethiopian Commercial Bank Temenja yazh Branch, back of BEEMENT Restaurant in Menmak Bldg.

Working locaion

Addis Ababa ,

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