The Senior ES&H Manager will be responsible for overseeing the environmental, social, health and safety performance of CGC. The selected person will facilitate this work for one or more phases of the Project in the development stage, the phases of the Project that are under construction and the phases in operation. The ES&H Manager will examine existing documentation to establish where improvements can be made to achieve best practices and ensure compliance with environmental legislation and international standards. Reporting to the Project Director and the Director of Construction, the Senior ES&H Manager will undertake directly or through his/her staff: Lead a team of Environmental, Social and Safety personnel. Be the contact for all the Project’s ES&H matters, communicating with construction management and operations teams, contractors, third-party consultants and all stakeholders including Project lenders, governmental agencies and local communities. During construction, interface with the construction management team which will provide overall co-ordination of ES&H aspects. During operations, the ES&H Manager will deal directly with individual contractors. Review all contractors environmental and safety documents and ensure they meet the appropriate national and international standards. Oversee the preparation of and provide key input to the monthly ES&H report to shareholders and produce other memos/reports as required to document plans and activities. Present at Board meetings as and when required. Carry out staff training and ensure all members of the workforce (including contractor workforce) recognize and understand their own contributions to improved environmental performance. Assure that the company complies with the relevant environmental authorizations or permits and seek new permits or authorizations as necessary. Continuously update and implement the Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP), and the Environmental and Social Action Plan (ESAP) such that they comply with ES&H best international practice. Oversee completion of the ESIA Gap Implementation Plan and finalize the updated ESIA for Phase I. Lead the preparation of ESIA updates for subsequent project Phases. Ensure that audits and recordkeeping are performed at required frequencies, and that environmental monitoring and pollution prevention and control parameters are in accordance with permits, plans, government regulations, or company requirements. Prepare, compile and present Project’s progress on a monthly and annual basis or as required. Develop polices, programs and associated communication documentation. Implement mitigation as required via the ESMP. This may include promoting road safety awareness, HIV/AIDS awareness via a third party, dust and noise mitigation etc. Work closely with and manage the Community Relations Representative(s) and activities. This requires overseeing the development and implementation of the Project’s Stakeholder Engagement Plan. Develop and implement Community Development Plan (currently water, health and education). Manage Project relocation and resettlement activities, where required, ensuring that the correct Project documentation is compiled and recorded. This will require overseeing the development of the Project’s Resettlement Action Plan. Implement and oversee formal grievance mechanism. Manage the complaint process including documenting and investigating. Evaluate and identify corrective measures. Negotiate environmental service agreements, track budget and cost in relation to ES&H activities. Initiate an Environmental and Social Management System for and Human Resources Policy in line with the International Labor Organization (ILO) core labor standards, review it at least annually. Monitor the effectiveness of mitigation during the construction, and operations phases of the Project, and instil change management procedures. Interface with the Project team to discuss ongoing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) obligations to ensure smooth activity implementation during Project operations following completion of construction. Manage lenders’ and investors’ ESH&S related due diligence requirements and oversee ongoing reporting to these stakeholders.

Job Requirments

Willingness to live and work in Hawassa and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Some international travel will also be required. Must have strong planning and organizational skills. Ability to lead and promote teamwork. Must have excellent interpersonal, written, verbal and electronic communication skills. Ability to speak Amharic and Afaan Oromo would be helpful.

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